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Founded in 2017, Nature by Nel was created to provide quality skin care for an affordable price. Sourcing out quality ingredients to ensure that every product is beneficial and accessible. Whether it be lighting a NBN candle or moisturizing with the NBN body butter; we are sure to Refresh, Relax, and Revibe any setting. All Nature by Nel products are homemade and made with love. A collaboration of positive vibes and natural ingredients are combined to create a memorable experience.  

We pride ourselves in our quality hand made products. Only the best organic products are used in our skin care collection. The current NBN Collection includes; Body Butter , Soy candles, black soap foam wash, and Body mist. All products come in a variety of enticing smells. 

NBN is always growing and evolving to be the best brand possible. Some of the original scent name have changed. Listed below are the new names and the original scent:

  • Queen - Pink Sugar
  • King - Midnight
  • Bliss - CoCo - Mango 
  • Adored - Apple & Pomegrante
  • Relax - White Linen  
  • Plain Jane - Unscented
  • Brown Sugar - Vanilla

We also offer gift boxes and favors for all your special occasions. If you need personalized party favors( birthday bags, bridal shower gifts, personalized candle favors) please email Naturebynel@gmail.com to discuss detail of personalization and pricing. 

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